Byrne tears into Senate Democrats’ handling of Kavanaugh nomination — ‘Just a zoo over there’

In Thursday interview on FM Talk 1065’s “Midday Mobile,” Congressman Bradley Byrne (AL-1) criticized Senate Democrats over their handling of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process.

“It’s just a zoo over there,” Byrne remarked.

The Republican from southwest Alabama lamented that the Democrats, along with the national news media, are feeding out-of-control liberal protesters, and even further, destroying important American institutions and principles.

“But the thing that really makes this sad to me is I have such tremendous respect for the judiciary and this is a good man. And we’re tearing up the federal judiciary and we’re tearing up a good man because people want to be president of the United States, because the national news media wants to sell more ads – because they can get more people to watch,” Byrne outlined.

While Byrne hopes that the institutional and societal damage can be repaired, he is worried the point of no return may have been passed.

“I’m afraid we have opened the door and we’ll never close this door. Even if it’s a Democratic president that makes this appointment, we’re going to go through this over and over again. That is not good for America and it’s not good for the judiciary,” Byrne advised.

Byrne and the host, Sean Sullivan, then talked about the Democrats with 2020 presidential ambitions that are at the center of the debacle.

“Stop, Spartacus, stop,” Byrne said, laughing at the thought of Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ). “You mean the confessed groper. He confessed to a sexual assault.”

Byrne made it clear what he thought of many of the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee who turned the confirmation process into a “national disgrace,” as Kavanaugh called it.

“I want to get all of them under oath and say, ‘Okay, let me ask you about what you did in high school and college. Let’s find out what you did.’ We already know, Senator Booker has told us, part of what he did, let’s get all of those Democratic senators that have been so self-righteous, let’s get them all under oath and ask them, ‘Tell me what you did.’ You know what, it wouldn’t be a pretty picture,” Byrne emphasized.

He said the senators have gotten way off track from even the original allegation of sexual assault.

“[W]e’ve wandered away from that, now we’re [discussing] drinking and throwing ice at a bar. Somebody said, ‘Aren’t you worried about the fact that he threw ice at a bar.’ And I said, ‘Really, that’s what we’re down to now?’ And that is what we’re down to now, because the desperation of the Democrats is, ‘well this didn’t work, let’s try that. Oh, that didn’t work, let’s try this.’ And at some point, you just have to say, enough – the circus is over, we’re going to do what the Senate is supposed to do,” Byrne explained.

“It hurts the country, it is hurting our country,” Byrne said of the Democrats’ behavior.

He continued, “But the people that are involved with all of this, they don’t care. Let me tell you who they don’t care about – they don’t care about Dr. Ford. They used her as sure as you and I are sitting here. If you go back and look at how this came out … My heart goes out to both of [Kavanaugh and Ford]. I think they’ve both been victimized by what’s happened the last several weeks.”


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