Mobile-based Xante hands out $1,200 bonus checks, citing tax cuts


By: Lawrence Speckler

Mobile-based Xante Corp. handed out $1,200 bonus checks to most of its employees on Monday, as its CEO gave thanks to a Republican tax reform bill and Rep. Bradley Byrne.

Xante provides high-end printers and related software for use by professional graphics and printing operations. It employs a little over 100 people in Mobile and about 15 more in Europe. CEO Robert Ross said Monday that anyone who’d been with the company for a year or more was getting a $1,200 bonus, while those employed less than a year were getting a different amount.

Mobile employees whooped and cheered as Ross announced the windfall Monday morning. They also heard Ross explain that the company had additional plans for money saved as a result of tax cuts passed by Congress and signed into law by President Donald Trump in December. Among other changes, the tax bill significantly lowered the corporate tax rate.

Ross said Xante also planned to invest its windfall. The company recently acquired two startup companies that had a healthcare focus and would now be able to invest more in developing them. It also likely would invest money in a third startup development. “It allows us to fund new businesses within our business,” Ross said, and would lead to “a new level of growth for our company.”

“Those are going to take millions of dollars of investment and the tax cuts are really going to help,” he said of the new ventures.

“This is not from the federal government,” joked Byrne, as he prepared to help Ross hand out the checks. Ross nonetheless insisted that Byrne, who he described as a longtime friend, deserved credit. “We would not be here if it wasn’t for Bradley,” he said


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